Getting to Know Each Others Countries

Welcome to the Czech Republic!

Before our first meeting in the Czech Republic, we knew very little about it. The Erasmus + students prepared a slide presentation about it. You can view it here:


When we got there, the Czech students hosting the first meeting in December 2018, presented their country and their town, Celakowice, as follows:

Our Spanish friends, hosts of the second meeting in February 2019, prepared this artistic video presentation of the Spanish culture, and their beautiful city Murcia for us and showed them at the first meeting:

They also created a video about their school and their Erasmus+ team:

The Greek team presented their culture, their town and their school after welcoming their guests at the third meeting in May 2019.

This is their presentation of the Greek culture:

This is how they presented their town:

This is the history of the Greek school:

Hi from Turkey, here is the presentation for our beatiful city Izmir:

And another document prepared by Ministry of Culture and Tourism for Izmir:

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