Our products on Agriculture

At first, we got actively involved in planting and growing after seasonal plants in our school gardens.

This is from the Turkish team’s garden:


The Spanish team’s garden included not only edible plants and herbs but also seeds and seed bombs that they prepared to share with us at the meeting:




The Greek team had a lot of work to do to revive the old school garden but they succeeded in growing delicious organic lettuces and lots of herbs. You can view their work here:



Slide Presentations

Beyond getting green handed, we tried to explore the wealth of agricultural goods in our regions and share it with our partners. Therefore, each school team created a presentation for the meeting focusing on those goods that provide special nutritional and health benefits and are used in cosmetics.

Specifically, the German team’s presentation included the most typical northern European herbs with their nutritional value and health benefits. You can view this presentation here:


accompanied by the traditional recipe for the delicious Frankfurter Green Sauce with regional herbs:


The Spanish team’s presentation consisted of Meditteranean edible plants, seeds, herbs, spices and fruit:


They also brought along seed bombs for each of us, tea bags and seed bags which are a traditional painkiller!

The Italian team did not only create a digital presentation with slides presenting the wealth of mediterranean herbs and plants


but also a hand-painted album of plants which helped us all appreciate their artistic skills!

The Czech presentation touched upon economic and political issues pertaining to the choices made by state agriculture