Art Across Our Countries

The whole city of Matera, the Italian city where our hosting school is located, is a showcase of Art.

Here is the Italian team presentationRupestrian Church Art

The Turkish team presented their popular and traditional Art in a short video: Turkish Art

So did the Greek team, too who presented Greek Art across time

in three short videos: 

The Spanish team presented masterpieces from across Spain and from their region, Murcia in a Slides presentation Spanish Art

The Czech students made three presentations to display Art in the Czech Republic: Traditional Czech ArtModern Czech Art as well as Art in the Czech Republic with the most characteristic masterpieces of Czech Art and their creators.

The German team presented their architectural Art prominent in their region History Architecture around Karben

After watching the presentations of all schools, some of the students from across the partner schools created a common presentation of ancient Art pieces that were found to have similarities, entitled Art across our countries

Art across our countries.pptx

Last, all students took a Quiz on Art across our countries prepared by the Greek team as a common final product with photos of the Art pieces included in the presentations of all partner school teams.

The quiz can be taken via this link

We intend to use the Art Quiz as a follow-up activity for our schools and future projects.