Language and Migration

This activity aimed at the experiential exchange of languages and migration stories.

It included three diverse tasks:

1) the compilation of a glossary of project terms in all six languages;
2) a study of the migration paths of our ancestors across Europe;
3) designing and conducting mini-(3-hour) courses in each of our languages for experiential peer-teaching

Before the meeting in Athens, Greece, we started preparing for it. First, the list of project field terms was compiled with ideas from all schools, collected and translated in each project language. At the same time and with the help of History teachers, each school prepared a presentation of their country’s migration history and stories to share at the meeting. The language courses were designed by the English teacher at the Greek school who trained the students from the partner schools in Germany, Spain and Italy to peer teach their languages. The courses were taught at the meeting and evaluated.

During the meeting, the students created three common products:

1.a slides presentation telling migration stories across our countries;

2.  two hand-painted posters inspired by our common cultural heritage and our migrational crossroads

3. the video documentation of our four language courses taught by students to their peers;

Beyond the scope of this activity, the host school prepared a tourist guide programme for the guest participants addressing various cultural aspects; natural sites, historical and religious monuments, traditional entertainment etc.

The participants in this activity are listed here: