Traditional Cuisine

To cater for this aspect of cultural sustainability, students from each of the partner schools prepared and shared Slides Presentations of a typical full menu in their country. You can view their presentations here:

Turkish traditional dishes

A typical full menu from Greece (with recipes)

plus a presentation of Ancient Greek recipes still used today

Italian traditional dishes and recipes

German full menu (with recipes)

plus a recipe of the traditional Green Sauce

A Czech traditional menu

plus the original recipe for Schnitzel with potato salad

Typical Spanish dishes


After juxtaposing the elements across our national cuisines we confirmed our initial hypothesis about the similarities across the mediterranean cultures, particularly between the Italian and Spanish dishes and the Turkish and Greek ones as well as the German and Czech cuisine. This conclusion had been anticipated not only on the basis of the similarities in the ecosystems inĀ the above pairs of countries but also due to the migration paths of our ancestors that we dealt with at the previous meeting in Athens.

At the end of this meeting, the participants from Turkey, Italy, Greece and Germany -who were physically presentĀ – cooked a full menu typical to their country to share with their peers at the local Vocational School of Cooking.