Evaluation of The Activities C4

  • To assess the degree to which this meeting contributed to the project objectives we created an online questionnaire with open questions for teachers and one with checkboxes for the student participants. 

    The responses to the Teacher Evaluation questions suggested that this was a very well organised meeting with optimum time management and  cooperation among the teachers present and the students from the three countries physically attending the meeting, Italy and Greece as well as the local participants. The activities were all very interesting and relevant to the project issues, Folklore, Entertainment and Cuisine. To view the teacher evaluation responses, click here: 



    The Student Evaluation report (available here: 


    is based on the responses of the 14 students from Turkey, Italy and Greece. 

    It address each of the meeting activities and the benefits ticked by the students. The activities were: 

    • Preparing and making their presentations
    • Cooperating in international teams to draw conclusions and create the common products
    • Learning Turkish from their peers
    • Sight-seeing in Izmir guided by their peers
    • Participating in the Ebru art workshop
    • Participating in the performance about the wedding ceremony
    • Dancing together
    • Visit to Ephesus
    • Visit to the Model Village 
    • Visit to the traditional village ‘Siringe’
    • Cooking and eating together


    Specifically, it was found out that the participants felt that their involvement in the project activities helped them develop their thinking and communication skills, their creativity as well as become better aware of their European identity and the shared European cultural heritage across the project partner countries. 

    In addition, the visits to the tourist sites helped them associate cultural sustainability with entrepreneurship while the peer-teaching mini course in Turkish was described as fun and effective in discovering some similarities across our languages.