Food Drink and Folklore

This activity aims at collecting, creating and sharing local tangible and intangible cultural goods in terms of culinary traditions, oral traditions, religious traditions, folklore and entertainment.
It includes three main tasks:
1) collecting, executing and sharing traditional recipes;
2) collecting, documenting on and participating in simulations of ceremonies at different occasions eg. weddings, funerals and celebrations;
3) collecting, documenting and participating in traditional games, dances, performances and myth and tale role-plays

The first task will be coordinated by the Greek school while the host school will coordinate the other two tasks. The coordinating schools will set a time frame and supervise the other schools in collecting their materials and sharing photos and other documents with everyone else on eTwinning. All schools will participate in all tasks with information and documentation of the work done in their countries. Meanwhile, each school group will be rehearsing for the performances to present their traditional customs, games and folklore in general. The coordinators will assign the presentation of the products of each task to a different school group.

The events and their presentation products can include the following:
a) a recipe book in a digital form;
b) actual dishes and drinks to be prepared and shared at the meeting;
c) a DVD documenting our cooking and eating together;
c) role plays displaying typical national, religious and other ceremonies;
d) a performance of shadow theatre;
e) other theatrical representations of myths
d) a DVD with our role plays and performances;
e) an article on which tangible and intangible cultural goods we share, eg. myths, tales, customs, games, dances etc

Beyond as well as within the scope of this activity, the host school will prepare a tourist guide programme for the guest participants including folklore art workshops, historical and religious monuments, traditional entertainment etc and assign one of the participant schools to record the programme on video.