Life after Coronavirus

The idea for this parallel workshop came from the German team who were eager to share their views and emotions about the recent pandemic and its implications for almost all aspects of life; from economy to politics and, of course, all that can be accommodated under the umbrella of our project title: “Environmental and Cultural Sustainability”.

All students participating in the last (virtual) mobility of our project were encouraged to imagine Life after Corona a decade from today (in about 2031), specifically regarding the future of Tourism. In teams they produced the videos following which indicate the degree of their engagement with environmental and cultural sustainability, the very goal of this project.

The Czech team presented us the dystopia of the European desert due to climate change in their ingenious video entitled “How to ruin everything that took 1.000 years to build”

The German team devised a news report of the future which presents a version of globalised tourism. The broadcast is hacked by extremists who protest against capitalism. Our motto is “Our Future is our future”!

In this futuristic news report of 2031, the German team presents us with the economic challenges of Sustainable Tourism and includes two interviews reflecting contrasting attitutes to spending holidays at home!

The Italian team produced the video “Tourism is dead”, another dystopia!

On a brighter side, the Turkish team created a news report of 2031 in which they present major tourist sites in Turkey without any tourists for the fear of CoVid19. Fortunately, in their scenario there is no environmental catastrophe but an economic one.


The Greek team staged a role-play in which they simulate the reservation of a one-week-holiday in the future – of course, sustainably!