6th (and last) transnational Learning, Teaching and Training Activity held virtually and organised by the German school “Kurt Schumacher Gesamtschule” in Karben

This activity aimed at examining our rural and urban environment with an eye on Culture and the other on Nature. It included the following tasks and products:

The hosting school opened the meeting with presentations of their school and town as well as the adjacent city of Frankfurt am Main.

PRESENTATIONS of school and region

Then, they explained their idea of running parallel workshops in breakout sessions in order to maximise the online pupil interaction in international teams. Afterwards the participants from all partner schools were invited to choose one of the three parallel workshops to join.

a) the Water workshop on local environmental interventions, mainly on water projects

b) the Architecture workshop with a special focus on sustainable architecture

c) the Future workshop on Life in the next decade – particularly, after CoVid19

Of course, the idea for the last workshop was not included in our initial plans made back in 2018.

Each national team made their presentations on Architecture and Environmental Issues in their countries with Slides or on video for all the partners to watch in plenum and then the workshops ran simultaneously for their members to cooperate on their common products.

On the last day, there was time for all the participants to do three more tasks: respond to the Quiz on Architecture, take the survey about Environmental Issues in their regions and interact on a Padlet discussing ideas for Environmental Interventions.


Beyond the scope of this activity, an international group of participants drafted a mini-step-by-step business plan for a virtual start-up enterprise for environmental and cultural sustainability. They considered the need for natural goods and sustainable services in food, entertainment and tourism and came up with this presentation: