Learning And Teaching Activities

Within the broader context of Environmental and Cultural Sustainability, we accommodated the following aspects to be dealt with at six meetings during the two project years:

  1. the first meeting took place from 17 to 21 December, 2018 in Celakowice, a town near Prague in the Czech Republic and was hosted by the Gymnasium Celakowice. It focused on Agriculture and Traditional Remedies as areas in which successful practices from the past can be revived and sustained in order to preserve our heritage and explore anew the most traditional areas of entrepreneurship.
  2. the second meeting took place from 18 to 22 February 2019 in Murcia, a city in southeastern Spain and was hosted by the Colegio Concentrado Torre Salinas. It focused on Alternative and Renewable Energy and Sustainable Tourism representing environmental and cultural sustainability in the most common sense.
  3. the third meeting took place from 6 to 10 May, 2019 in Athens, Greece and was hosted by the coordinating school 3 GENIKO LYKEIO NEAS PHILADELPHIAS. It focused on Language and Migration with activities that helped us better realise our common cultural heritage. We created a glossary of project terms in all our six different languages and taught each other our languages. In addition, we explored the migration paths of our ancestors across our six countries in order to understand why we have so much in common and what has brought about European cultural heritage..
  4. the fourth meeting will be held at the Mersinli Vocational School in Izmir, Turkey from 21 to 25 October and will focus on traditional food, folklore, myths and entertainment.
  5. the fifth meeting will be held at the Duni Levi Liceo Artistico in Matera, Italy in February 2020 on Sustainable Urban Planning and Art.
  6. the sixth and last meeting will be held at the Gesamtschule Karben near Frankfurt in Germany and will focus on Sustainable and traditional Architecture as well as Environmental Interventions.